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Volume 138

FutureNow Article
Friday, Sep. 1, 2006

Cats Tune-In to Cats

September 1st, 2006

Consumer-generated reviews can help you convert customers on your site and drive customers to your site.

I’ve got two goofy cats. One can be lying in totally hedonistic, slumbery bliss. I can walk into the room and get ignored, but the second my other cat walks through, the eyes slide open, the body stiffens slightly and all attention is riveted on the cat in motion. Where’s she going? What’s she up to? Has she found something I need to know about?…

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FutureNow Article
Friday, Sep. 1, 2006

Narratives Come Before Scenarios

September 1st, 2006

Capture the dramatic story of your site before you turn to the more detailed process of creating scenarios.

What’s the best way to deliver a memorable, persuasive message? Tell a story. Don’t believe me? How many copies did Who Moved My Cheese sell? Still remember Aesop’s Fables? Look at the elements of a good story-characters, plot, conflict resolution-and you’ll see many parallels with Persuasion Architectureâ„¢.

The essence of Persuasion Architectureâ„¢ is a story. It involves building the characters, creating a narrative plot…

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