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Volume 96

FutureNow Article
Sunday, Aug. 1, 2004

A Day in the Life of a Persuasion Architect

August 1st, 2004

We’re blogging: a summertime sampler

If I’m not mistaken, the word started life as a noun. A blog – shortened from “weblog” – in its original incarnation was an online diary charting the personal meanderings (interior and otherwise) of an individual. Then, of course, it caught on. And blogs proliferated … so much so that the noun begat a verb: to blog.

I blog. You blog. He/she/it blogs. I am blogging. Had I blogged that. You gotta love the elasticity of language!


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FutureNow Article
Sunday, Aug. 1, 2004

Whispered Advice to The Graduate: Personas

August 1st, 2004

The only sane solution to persuading the millions of individuals who visit you

Remember that little cinematic cocktail-party-whisper into Dustin Hoffman’s ear? “Plastics.” These days (circa 2004), you come up to me, and I’ll happily stretch on tip-toe to whisper in your ear: “Personas.”

Taking that big step back to survey the lay of the ebusiness landscape, I see three organizational themes in our line of work: words, numbers and people. However, focusing your attention on the former two when you have incorporated…

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