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Friday, Oct. 3, 2008 at 5:53 am

Do you share Susan’s Cynicism?

October 3rd, 2008

Yesterday Susan Greene wrote this comment to my previous post:

Great video, great message.  Now imagine that the guy in the suit worked for a corporation, and his boss asked him to come up with the words for the beggar’s sign. 
 His sentence would have been made into a paragraph by Corporate, watered down by Legal, and politically corrected by Human Resources.  I’m thinking it would be a completely different message by then. 

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Friday, Aug. 15, 2008 at 7:16 am

5 Simple Tips for Lead-Generation Sites

August 15th, 2008

Several of my recent columns have dealt with testing and optimization. Today, I’ll focus on the other half of the online marketing world, those who must drive leads through their site.

1. Review Your Lead Generation Forms

Typically lead-gen site forms fail in two major areas:

Many lead-gen sites simply copy forms from a site they like, giving little thought to the nuances and the difference between their business goals and the site they copied. The result can lead to a slew of unqualified…

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FutureNow Article
Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2008

When Information Architecture Can Fall Short

August 13th, 2008

linear paths are dead“Information Architecture involves the design of organization and navigation systems to help people find and manage information more successfully.”

Basically, Information Architecture (IA) views websites as libraries in need of the right kind of card catalogue set-up to facilitate information access by visitors.

But most websites aren’t libraries, or merely stores of information. In fact, most commercial websites are more interested in persuading visitors to take certain actions (i.e. converting) than they are in providing access to information.

In this sense, the interactivity enabled…

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FutureNow Post
Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2008 at 6:23 am

How Jenny Craig Uses Personas for Successful Marketing

August 12th, 2008

jenny craig personasWith annual revenues for the weight-loss industry estimated at $60 billion a year, competition is fierce. Food-based programs like Nutri-System and Weight Watchers account for hundreds of millions of dollars, so getting the right message across to potential customers is critical.

While other companies have featured real-life success stories in their advertising, Jenny Craig has chosen another route: the celebrity spokesperson. While I’m not a big proponent of celebrities as an effective marketing tool, Jenny Craig has applied the use of…

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FutureNow Post
Thursday, Jul. 31, 2008 at 6:27 am

Harry Potter and the Secret of Conversion

July 31st, 2008

harry potter previewIf you were to walk through the offices of FutureNow, you would get a sense that while we were in college any one of us could have been cast in the movie Revenge of the Nerds. A few of us got made fun of for being socially-awkward “bookworms.”

While it may not make you popular with cool kids, fancy book reading does have its benefits. So I couldn’t help but laugh when I read about a new study published in the…

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FutureNow Post
Monday, Jul. 14, 2008 at 10:35 am

Learn Web 2.0 Copywriting Strategies in an Evening of Enjoyable Reading

July 14th, 2008

Want your website to sound open, uncontrived, and authentic? Keep reading! In our previous compendiums on copywriting advice, most of the links to Roy Williams’ Monday Morning Memos never made it into the post due to some kind of technical glitch. So to fix that, I started compiling most of my all-time favorite MMM’s that dealt specifically with writing.

Yet as I was compiling these links and re-reading the Memos, a central theme seemed to emerged: many of the Roy’s memos dealt with…

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FutureNow Post
Thursday, Jul. 3, 2008 at 6:53 am

New Customer Insight Using Oldest Form of Communication

July 3rd, 2008

What’s hot and exciting in customer research? A neurological breakthrough? A fancy new psychological tool? Nope – Analyzing text. That’s right – analyzing what people say.

A recent Advertising Age article, What All That Chatter Is Really Saying, talks about how text analytics can turn customer feedback into more meaningful insight.

Today it is marketers who are increasingly turning to text analytics to mine information from the mountains of customer data they’ve accrued from customer-service surveys, e-mails, online forums, hosted feedback sites…

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FutureNow Article
Thursday, Jun. 19, 2008

See Like An Outsider In 3 Not-So-Easy (But Worth It) Steps

June 19th, 2008

inside the bottle website optimizationIf you’re already an insider, this won’t be easy. Once you’re “inside the bottle,” reading the label on the outside requires serious mental contortions.

Or an outsider to come and open the bottle for you. In fact, their outsider perspective is a huge part of any consultant’s or outside copywriter’s value – so long as they’re willing to call you to the carpet over your unseen assumptions and un-named elephants.

But if you can’t bring in an actual outsider, any attempt you…

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FutureNow Article
Friday, May. 30, 2008

How to Avoid Marketing to Yourself

May 30th, 2008

You were the Time magazine person of the yearWhat ever happened to “You”?

You were on a roll. Just two years ago, You were Time magazine’s person of the year. When Web 2.0 changed everything, You were there. You did it. You turned the Web into the “interactive” medium we always knew it could be.

You changed the rules. You took control.

So what happened? Lately, it seems that marketing and advertising executives are either blind optimists or furrow-browed skeptics about social media marketing. Are we — the marketers, the bloggers,…

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FutureNow Article
Friday, Apr. 25, 2008

3 Reasons Your Visitors Don’t Convert to Leads

April 25th, 2008

lead generation conversion ratesWant to ramp up the conversion rate on your lead generation site?

Lead generation sites fail to convert for three basic reasons:

1. Visitors don’t understand the value they get in exchange for giving their information.

2. They are informationally challenged and collect too little, too much, or incorrect information.

3. You haven’t established trust and set proper expectations of what to expect when doing business with you.

Obviously, each is interrelated and flow from one to the other. There might be a few more reasons,…

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