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I am Grok
Grok I am
I do not like Green Eggs and Ham
(But I LOVE Dr. Seuss!)

My friend Lisa showed me a Dr. Seuss book the other day. Wow! The guy (Theodor S Geisel, aka Dr Seuss, and inventor of the word ‘nerd’) was a genius for communicating powerful principles in a fanciful, fun, toe-tapping way. Got me groovin' around the kitchen table trying to imagine what he'd have to say about lots of those web businesses out there. You can guess what happened next, right?

One link two link, red link blue link,
Oh my gosh here comes a new link.
This click that click, here click there click
Huh? click HELP! click Who knows where click?
New rules new day, how you must play.
Who say? You say! I squeal "Oy-vey!"

Shockwave, Flash until I drop
When all I want to do is shop,
And when I decide this is absurd
I stumble across help written by a nerd.
My brain must not be made like yours;
Perhaps I shop the wrong web stores.
Sorry guys, I did my best
To pass your little website test.
I sought to find a rocking horse
And wound up in an obstacle course.

I'm gibbly-eyed, my brain is fried
And heaven knows how hard I tried
But cannot find the thing I seek.
I could not find it in a week.
All I want to do is buy,
Yet the chaos only makes me cry,
"I do not like this mahoooky stuff
I think I've had more than enough."
I do not like this Internet,
This Internet I do not get.
So to my real-world car I'm bound;
I’ll search on terra-firmer ground.

Hey … what's with the tomatoes? Okay, so Dr. Seuss I'm not. But you get the lesson, right? (chuckle)

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