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Google Website Optimizer — 7 Free Resources

How to Get Started with Google Website Optimizer – Free Resources

Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant
Landing page optimization and conversion rate improvements are no longer simply buzzwords. The rising cost of driving online traffic means marketers are paying more for less return on their ad dollars. To keep up, online marketers must roll up their sleeves and dive into conversion optimization. Optimizing your landing pages and your website is a proven means of increasing your conversion rates and realizing improved ROI. Google’s Website Optimizer makes it available to anyone who wants to start testing.

Please note an updated version of How to Get Started and On Your Way to Becoming an Expert with Google Website Optimizer is available.

1. The 10 Minute Guide to Testing with Google Website Optimizer

10 Minute Guide to Google Website OptimizerGoogle, Inc. has selected Future Now, Inc., the online conversion rate specialists, to be an Authorized Consultant for the Google Website Optimizer program. Future Now, Inc. has launched a suite of free and paid products and services to support Google’s customers. Google Website Optimizer customers can read Bryan Eisenberg’s non-technical technical guide “The 10 Minute Guide to Testing with Google Website Optimizer.”

2. FREE *3rd Party* WordPress Plug-in For Google Website Optimizer

GrokDotCom - Content Robot WordPress Plugin for Google Website OptimizerFuture Now, Inc. worked very closely with blog integration specialists, ContentRobot, to create a WordPress plug-in that integrates Google Website Optimizer into a WordPress blog or blog-powered website. Using the plug-in makes it easy for anyone using WordPress to test headlines, copy or images. Kudos goes to Dave Young who encouraged Steve Clark of New School Selling to be the guinea pig while developing the plugin. To learn more about the plugin, visit the official Website Optimizer Plugin for WordPress page. A direct download is available from ContentRobot and mirrored on GrokDotCom.

3. FREE Webinar About Google Website Optimizer

7 Tips to Landing Page Optimization webinar screenBryan Eisenberg presents a free Webinar, hosted and sponsored by WebEx, the Web conferencing leader, titled: “Which Sells Best?: 7 Landing Page Optimization Tips Improve Your ROI with Google Website Optimizer.” You can view the webinar at Webex Events Center

4. Podcast of Interview of Tom Leung, Business Product Manager of Google Website Optimizer

On Tom Leung discusses the ins and outs of Google’s latest product to help websites and advertisers.
Part 1
Click here to listen to Part 1 of Tom Leung, Google and Bryanmediaplayer.jpg Part 2

Click here to listen to Part 2 of Tom Leung, Google and Bryan

To download Part 1 of Google Website Optimizer interview the MP3 click here

To download Part 2 of Google Website Optimizer interview the MP3 click here

5. 64 Tips for Getting Started with Google Website Optimizer

Are you looking for some testing ideas? Anthony Garcia, co-author of Which Sells Best? and Contact Me or Submit? provides you with 64 Tips for Getting Started with Google Website Optimizer.

6. Subscribe to the Conversion Rate Marketing Blog – GrokDotCom

Subscribe by RSS or EmailGrokDotCom is a marketing blog that is focused on marketing optimization, improving online conversion rates, search engine marketing, web analytics, word of mouth, persuasive website design, and of course landing page optimization. You have many subscription options; you can get the latest content by email (your choice of daily, weekly or monthly) or by RSS. Choose your subscription options

7. A/B Testing: Too Little Too Early? Whitepaper

Download the whitepaper on A/B testing by FutureNow’s Chief Thinking Officer, John Quarto-vonTivadar.

P.S. Keep an eye on this page for additional resources for Google Website Optimizer.

Future Now offers landing page optimization coaching for those looking to get a quick boost in their conversion rate.

Getting Started with Multivariate testing?

There are several factors that hold people back before they begin A/B or Multivariate testing. If your organization isn’t testing, hopefully we can help you realize that testing isn’t scary. In fact, what our clients have seen once they do start is that NOT testing is what’s really scary. Read Start Multivariate Testing: 7 Critical Questions

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