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A Commerce Carol Concludes   

… "No, Spirit! Oh no, no!" he cried. "This can't be written in stone. Oh, tell me there's a different future possible, a happier future, one I have a hand in helping to create and not destroy." …


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Best of 2000: WINNER -
Grok Dot Com


When last we left Ebenezer Marketer, he was standing in the middle of his bedroom after a three-Advil™ night of being escorted through the Ages of e-Business Past and Present by a parade of exceptionally brilliant Green Spirits, each of which bore a striking resemblance to yours truly. (If you missed that part, you really shouldn't: click here.)

Wanna know what happens next? As if you couldn't guess!

E. Marketer gave himself a pinch and winced at the result, then raced to his mirror. Looking in and finding his own reflection, he took to laughing a little insanely, "I'm here. This is really me! And I'm not standing on the precipice of my office building.” He raced to his window and threw open the sash, craning his head far into the crisp morning air. Everything looked comfortingly normal.

His first act was to buy a turkey, which he delivered in person, for Tiny Tom's Christmas dinner. The missus invited him to dine, and he obliged, spending his day and evening picking more at the wealth of Tiny Tom's sales knowledge than the meal's trimmings. In fact, on the spot, he offered Tiny Tom a consulting position with his firm (and was to retain several other new staff with backgrounds in sales and consumer psychology).

During the days that followed, E. Marketer gnomed away in his office, leaving his staff to muse at the explosions of chuckles that would emerge from behind his closed door and wonder if they should start looking for new jobs. But the chuckles only reflected his growing enthusiasm for a whole new way of looking at online sales. Soon, they became very familiar with previously unknown considerations such as AIDAS, the 5-step expert selling process, conversion and retention ratios, trust and privacy, customer service, loyalty, and the now-famous term E. Marketer coined: EON (Ease of Navigation).

People still marvel at the complete change that came over E. Marketer and his e-commerce philosophies. It wasn't just that he became far less pompous in his dealings with folks; the new leaf he turned over that day wound up making both his own business and the businesses of his clients more profitable than any had imagined. Old E. Marketer was showered with praise and became a model for all thriving e-enterprises. True success and satisfaction were his at last.

Everyone knows E. Marketer wound up subscribing to Grokdotcom. What they do not know is this: every time a new issue appeared on his computer screen, the small green character in the upper left-hand corner gave him a salutary wink!


Special Announcement Following the Show

If you'd like more information about the many issues E. Marketer and many others have had to grapple with, be sure to visit the Grokdotcom Archives (click here) .

Have a Happy New Year!

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Tickled Pink! 

Me? Pink? You can breathe a deep sigh of relief. I’m still the same stunningly attractive green you see twice a month. What I really am is totally juiced about a trio of newsletters that has received iBizNewletters.com's Best of 2000 awards. iBiz is in the business of helping you distinguish the "jewels from the junk" when it comes to all those Internet newsletters out there, so you can get the best of the information you need. To be picked as the "best of the best" from the many newsletters iBiz reviewed this year is indeed an honor.

And since I'm in the biz of bringing you profound gems of wisdom, I'd like to introduce you to the Best of 2000 winners. Go on, point your cursor at these great efforts and sign up. Get a new infusion of cream-of-the-crop information that will help you in your online efforts.

I'd like you to meet the winner for the Marketer and Advertiser Category, a sound, humorous, content-rich newsletter focusing on customer management issues:

Ezine: On the Front Line
Web site:
Sign up: On the front page.
Comment from the award announcement: I've chosen On the Front
Line because of the quality of the writing. It's the best written of all the newsletters I've looked at this year (several hundred in total).
Url of full announcement:

For the Website Management and Design Category, I'd like to introduce you to a blend of fun and superior information, "packed with web site tips and tricks, freebies, resources, rants, quotes, inspiration and more" relating to design and authoring (Boogie Jack, are you sure you aren't really a Martian?):

Ezine: Almost a Newsletter
Web site:
Sign up: On the front page.
Comment from the award announcement: I chose it because it's the best example of a publication that is both entertaining and informative. What makes him (Boogie Jack) really stand out from the rest is that he has the readers' interests firmly welded to his heart.
Url of full announcement:

iBiz also selected a newsletter for Runner-Up and Honorable Mention in these categories. I offer my super congratulations as well to: ClickZ and eMarketer Weekly Newsletter (Marketer and Advertiser Category); and The Dirtsmart Netpreneur Ezine and Internet Content (Management and Design Category). You can locate these newsletters by following the link to each category's full announcement above.

"Hey, hang on, Grok," you interject. "Didn't you say 'trio'?"

(I'm blushing.) That's true. However I don't need to point you, loyal reader, to the third e-zine, because you’re pointed at it already! The award for the best newsletter in the category Web Promotion and Revenue Building went to the humble efforts (didn't your Mom ever tell you it wasn't polite to laugh like that?!) of … yours truly. <http://www.ibiznewsletters.com/promotion27DEC00.htm>. And how could I dispute what iBiz had to say? Well … there is one thing they said: "Sometimes plain weird"???? Hey, I resemble that remark!

But I'm in great company here, too. Link Exchange Digest gets the silver and AffiliateHelp.com Monthly Newsletter snags the bronze. The promotion link above will direct you to them, as it did with the others.

So, dudes and dudettes, prepare for action. Time to prove all those e-commerce financial analyst Nay Sayers wrong. And now you've got the best tools available to help. The real millennium is finally upon us, and you’re gonna have a great year!

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GROK is taken from the landmark novel "Stranger in a Strange Land", by Robert A. Heinlein. It is a Martian word that implies the presence of intimate and exhaustive knowledge and understanding. Our "GROK" is a keen observer of the world around him and he takes a particular interest in the World Wide Web. The folks at Future Now like him a lot because he's taught them that "sometimes the price of clarity is the risk of insult."

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