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What others have to say about the Grok

"I commend you on your clarity."

Roy H. Williams, The Wizard Of Ads

"What a wonderful site! You know how to put the powerful academic principles of marketing and sales into practical language. A great asset for getting past the current day hype in marketing."

Professor Allen Weiss, Marketingprofs.com
Tappen Fellow and Associate Professor in Marketing
Marshall School of Business
University of Southern California


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ibizNewsletters.com "A novel newsletter which uses humor, color and frequent exclamation marks to provide sound commonsense advice on how to improve your online sales."

Mark Brownlow, Internet Business Forum

"Your newsletter is a unique and refreshing addition to the genre of business-oriented email newsletters."

Brian Grulke, Associate Editor, and List-A-Day.com Staff

"We both perceive the need for an intuitive place to shop and buy, one that keeps people `in the funnel' and steers them through the entire sales process to completion. Because no one has successfully done this online, our alliance can effectively change how e-tailers and `click & mortar' companies will sell on the Internet. Having seen the power of what Future Now can do -- as `psychological architects,' we intend to involve it in all of our portfolio companies.''

Scott Painter - Chairman, Direct Ventures (also co-founder of CarsDirect.com)


GROK is taken from the landmark novel "Stranger in a Strange Land", by Robert A. Heinlein. It is a Martian word that implies the presence of intimate and exhaustive knowledge and understanding. Our "GROK" is a keen observer of the world around him and he takes a particular interest in the World Wide Web. The folks at Future Now like him a lot because he's taught them that "sometimes the price of clarity is the risk of insult."

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