A Day in the Life of a Persuasion Architect

If I'm not mistaken, the word started life as a noun. A blog - shortened from "weblog" - in its original incarnation was an online diary charting the personal meanderings (interior and otherwise) of an individual. Then, of course, it caught on. And blogs proliferated ... so much so that the noun begat a verb: to blog.

I blog. You blog. He/she/it blogs. I am blogging. Had I blogged that. You gotta love the elasticity of language!

Do we blog? You betcha! And we invite you along for the ride. Please, let me introduce you to A Day in the Life of a Persuasion Architect.

He's funny. He's clever. He's the only human I personally know who's close to my size! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the effervescent, touched-only-slightly-by-cynical-idealism Anthony Garcia, Future Now's Senior Persuasion Architect. "On a personal level, blogging is therapeutic." Anthony says with a twinkle in his eye. "It's an instantly gratifying outlet for my need to get out and express my ideas, thoughts, creativity, even frustrations. It's like taking your 'inner dog' out for a stroll."

If just 'closing the sale' is the alpha and the omega of your business model, you could be needing a drug prescription really soon.

So begins one of Anthony's blog entries. When you're done chuckling over the click-through and wondering just who has been mildly insulted, Anthony delivers the totally not-funny punchline: it's actually not about customer service. It's about customer EXPERIENCE, which goes way beyond your 800-number.

Anthony asks really important questions like "Where are you going to put your milk?", speculates on the advent of a healthy french fry and offers inspired gift choices. You might wonder what these unlikely observations have to do with conversion. You see, Anthony sees the world around us metaphor, and to our little corner of that world, he brings his own brand of intelligent humor.

The Big Details

Booth Announcer #2: Wait a minute! Who is that entering the ring?

***Crowd Erupts in CHEERS***

Booth Announcer #1: I can't believe it, it's Relevant Copy!!!!

Booth Announcer #2: It's not even a fair fight, he's kickin' both of their a%%^#.

Booth Announcer #1: The Crowd is going NUTS, they can't get enough of Relevant Copy!!!

Case Studies

I don't know about you but when some of the best people in the biz of sellin' stuff online are willing to share how they got to be that way...I pay attention.


We don't often get a chance to share the success stories of our clients. Many of our clients would prefer to keep what we do for them on the QT, so that their competitors won't be aware of what they are up to. Nevertheless, Maheesh Jain, VP of Sales &

What Works for Us

Salience x Repetition = MEMORY.

If you are looking for brand lift, don't discount the potential of an online branding strategy. While the entire world has been treating the internet exclusively as a direct response vehicle (and it is a darn good one) Future Now has been successfully deploying these types of online branding strategies with our clients for quite some time.

Salience x Repetition = MEMORY

Pertinent Physiological and Psychological Stuff

"Why do blondes open yogurt pots while still at the supermarket? -- Because it says 'Open Here' on the lid." Isn't that amazing? Just a suggestion of a common (and ridiculously untrue) stereotype can rock a mega-smart blonde's confidence. As human beings with or without hair, we are all vulnerable to such illogical and emotionally charged suggestions as this.

The Big Picture: From I to We

Anthony MCs this show, but you'll run across questions and opinions from us all. As in the time Yours Truly wondered what constituted an acceptable business strategy for Justifiable Subscribercide. Or a more recent post from our occasionally irascible CEO, Jeffrey Eisenberg, in which he reminisced on a movie character and offered some definitions by way of asking whether you intend to be "a marketing professional or a marketing liar."

Quite apart from my William Saphire-esque musings, blogs and blogging are fast becoming fascinating, fun and decidedly useful elements in developing cohesive online business communities, exchanging ideas, providing a forum for ranting and grumping, and showcasing the cutting edge of where one is at any given point in time.

Susan Ward defines "blog" for About.com:

Thousands of new blogs are being created every day, for all sorts of purposes. Rather than existing to catalog someone's personal life, many blogs serve as discussion communities about particular issues. Nor does a blog have to have one author. Some of the most interesting blogs that I've read have multiple regular contributors. And some large corporations are using blogs internally as communications channels.

In light of how blogs are being used, I offer my own updated definition; a blog is a regularly updated online journal of information and opinions. What sets blogs apart from other online writing, IMHO, is their dynamic nature (as opposed to static Web pages) and their voice (style). And these very qualities are what makes blogs such an incredibly useful tool for businesses.

Anthony adds "Everyday in our work and life we stumble across tasty morsels of experiences that, in of themselves, may not be meaty enough for an article or a book. The blog gives us a way to instantly share those morsels with others without the weighty formality of 'publication'. It's a new way to build relationships both professional and personal, and the payoff is almost immediate."

For another in-the-trenches perspective, mosey on over to our bud David Young's blog on blogging, Why We Blog, and slip his book into your summer reading bag.

Meanwhile, Anthony and I are hoping you become a welcome and valued part of our interaction. It's free. There's no obligation. The worst you risk is an expanded mind, and even then (chuckle), Anthony offers you a self-protection technology!

Volume 96: 8/1/04

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