In Sales?  At Least 9 Things You Can Learn from Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?

You've got online sales. You've got offline sales. To complicate matters, neither of these exists in isolation. According to a recent BIGresearch survey, 87% of the customers who research their purchases online actually buy offline!

On top of that, websites and flesh-and-blood sales staff must continually field product and service questions from customers who increasingly are as, if not better, informed than they are!

How can you implement strategies to improve your sales efficiency - within and across channels - while at the same time meeting the diverse needs of your customers?

In Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?, you will learn:

  • How the buying decision process works in an emerging media marketplace

  • How well-documented personality traits influence customer behavior online and offline

  • How brick-and-mortar businesses can benefit by shaping their sales processes to the needs of customer segments based on persona analysis

  • How to anticipate the information your customers already know based on the research avenues available to them

  • How online and offline sales support each other

  • How to engage with your customers based on the strengths and shortcomings of your channel

  • How to use consumer-generated media to improve your sales

  • How key decision points in your process affect sales

  • How can you start implementing Persuasion Architecture techniques in your business

Waiting for Your Cat to Bark? presents Persuasion Architecture™ as a proven, evolutionary new context for marketers, sales people and business executives to apply a unique methodology that provides a necessary framework for preparing businesses to manage and respond to the demands customers place on them.

By aligning the selling process to the customers' buying processes, Persuasion Architecture makes it possible for businesses to integrate their multiple channels of influence, strengthening the coherence of both their message and their brand.

If you start applying these principles to your business, even in incremental stages, we guarantee you will see better results - not just by percentages but by multiples!

Volume 136: 7/24/06

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