Have It Your Way

Nope. I am not referring to a Whopper with cheese, hold the tomato, extra pickles, please. I'm referring to this here newsletter, Grokdotcom.

When we first published, way back in March of 2000, we offered folks three ways they could read these articles. They could access them through the website; they could receive them as HTML emails; they could receive them as plain text emails. We had our bases covered.

But, as readers of our bestselling Waiting for Your Cat to Bark? know, we are extremely sensitive to the fact that emerging media expands everyone's possibilities and puts the customer in control. Any business that ignores this suffers. Personally, I'm not fond of suffering.

So what does that mean for you and your relationship with Grokdotcom? Read on, McDuff!

Those of you who indulge in the visual interface may have noticed some serious changes to the Future Now, Inc. and Grokdotcom websites. We've been busy bees, simplifying our presentation, our look/feel, our usability and enhancing our persuasiveness. And we've been adding more ways for you to "read" my magical words.

The ways you can have it

You can always read me through the website, which means you have to remember to toddle over here on a bimonthly basis. You can still subscribe so the bimonthly issues land in your virtual inbox. And you can still access me through AvantGo.

When RSS became a going concern, we offered that option as well and noticed a large number of our readers migrated to that method. Now you can get me through standard RSS/XML feed, or via RSS in your customized Yahoo! or Google home pages.

Finally, courtesy of the delightful Chuck McKay, there's our Grokdotcom Podcast, just as free as all our other options, except it's totally audible. No eyestrain! Now you can listen to my newsletter on your commute, in the shower or even while catching rays in some tropical paradise.

What you can do now

Here's the thing. As of January 1, 2007, we will automatically unsubscribe everyone on our Grokdotcom mailing list. Everyone. The old Grok list will be history. This may seem like a ruthless way to clean house, but it guarantees we don't keep mailing to those who really aren't interested in receiving.

Choosing email? In the next issue, I'll give you a totally easy and painless method for unsubscribing and resubscribing. This will take you off the old list and put you on the new list.

So, if you want to keep receiving Grokdotcom emails, please look for the special unsubscribe/resubscribe link in future issues. You can resubscribe all the way up to and beyond January 1st of next year. But if you wait until after January 1st, you run the risk of missing an issue. Heaven forefend.

And because spam filters are getting exceptionally clever, make sure you add me (thegrok@grokdotcom) to your address book or white list, so my pearls of wisdom really can get delivered to you.

Choosing RSS or Podcast? If you no longer want to receive my newsletter by email, but still want to stay current, then I encourage you to sign up for one of the other options. You can do this now. You can do this next week. You can do this whenever the spirit moves you. Your option links are listed on the Grokdotcom home page, top right.

Please note. Our Podcasts usually are available a week or so after the issue has been published (we're working on speeding up that process). You can get our Podcast two ways: use the link on the Grokdotcom home page or wing your way over to the iTunes Music Store (search on "Grokdotcom") and subscribe there.

Choosing to say goodbye? If you no longer want to receive my newsletter in any way, shape or form, then you don't have to do anything. Time, inertia and our new year's purge will take care of it for you.

The short and sweet of it

You want choices; I've got options. All my options, as always, are free. The critical choice I'm asking you to make is this: if you want to keep receiving my newsletter as email, please look for the unsubscribe/resubscribe notice in future issues and complete the simple procedure.

If we're about to part company, I'll leave you with this lovely Martian farewell: "May red breezes guide your way to greener goodness."

But I hope you'll stick around in the way that makes you happiest. I'm nowhere near done helping you increase your conversions and getting the best return possible on your investment!

Volume 139: 9/15/06

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